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Lifestyle design for the adventurous and individual


What's Ramble?

Traveling is my true love. Right next to making things. So I thought I would combine the two. Ramble On! I can't remember the first time I heard the song, but as long as I can remember it sums up my life. 

My design inspirations come from wanderlust, adventures, exploring, and nature. I love to upcycle jewelry, lace, leather, you name it. I also enjoy using Objets Trouvé, from acorn caps to sharks teeth. I have so much fun making, and wearing, my Whimsy Kicks! I just finished a pair for someone getting married and it made me so happy the joy the shoes brought her. 

I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoy making them

Custom design is my jam! Gimme a shout out at robin@ramblingaround.com or follow me on social. 

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Ramble Design in Jamaica


I love doing custom work! Bring me your ideas. 

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Jewelry Making


Classes at the Holland Area Arts Council

Join me for educational and fun classes where you can make your own jewelry and paint your own Whimsy Kicks!


Hosted at the Holland Area Arts Council


To Register Call: (616) 396-3278